HARMONIC® 1100 Shears

HARMONIC® devices are the undisputed ultrasonic leader proven to minimize the impact on tissue.* 

HARMONIC 1100 Shears is designed for faster transection speeds, lower maximum blade temperature, and more precise tissue dissection.

HARMONIC® 1100 Shears

Features & Benefits

Harmonic 1100 Shears had 35% faster transection speeds than Harmonic ACE+7 for shorter heat exposure

Faster transection speed

Reduce heat exposure on tissue with transection speeds 35% faster when using the Energy buttonand 40% faster when transecting vessels 5-7mm in diameter using Advanced Hemostasis mode.§

Improved Adaptive Tissue Technology actively controls energy delivery to maintain a lower maximum blade temperature

Lower Maximum Blade Temperature

Achieve greater control with lower maximum blade temperature. HARMONIC 1100 Shears has an improved Adaptive Tissue Technology algorithm that actively controls blade heat which may protect surrounding tissue and vital structures.β

Curved, tapered blade geometry mirrors a mechanical dissector, delivering superior dissection among advanced energy device

More Precise Tissue Dissection

Curved, tapered tip that enables more precise dissection than HARMONIC ACE® +7 Shears.  Its unique shape mimics a mechanical dissector and may reduce the need to use a separate dedicated dissecting instrument.\\


HARMONIC 1100 Shears Product Video
HARMONIC 1100 Shears Product Video
HARMONIC 1100 Shears In-service Video
HARMONIC 1100 Shears In-service Video

Supporting Documentation

Product Support

HARMONIC 1100 Shears Device Performance Guide

HARMONIC 1100 Shears Fact Sheet

HARMONIC 1100 Shears VAC Pack

Product Specifications

Product Code


HAR1120 Ultrasonic shears, Curved tip 

Product Code


HAR1136 Ultrasonic shears, Curved tip 


* Market share data compiled from Decision Resources Group.  EOS# 120150-190806
† Compared to Harmonic ACE+7 Shears.  EOS# 140048-200512
‡ In a benchtop study, versus HARMONIC ACE+7, with porcine vessels 3-5 mm in diameter (p<0.001). EOS# 050521-200421
§ In a bench top study comparing sealing times of HARMONIC ACE+7 and HARMONIC HD1000i.  HARMONIC HD1000i Shears transected vessels faster than HARMONIC ACE+7 (mean vessel transection time of 9.186 seconds vs 15.291 seconds).  EOS# 051753-200424
¶ Based on benchtop study that showed Harmonic 1100 had significantly lower maximum blade temperature than Harmonic ACE+7 Shears after 15 tip bite transections.  EOS# 140050-200512
β Compared to previous generations of Harmonic devices.  EOS# 140049-200512
€ Based on preclinical evaluation.  EOS# 138469-200427
\\ Based on a pre-clinical study.  EOS# 057596-200427

For complete indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse reactions, please reference full package insert.