HARMONIC® devices are the undisputed ultrasonic leader proven to minimize the impact on tissue.*

HARMONIC FOCUS®+ Long Shears delivers precise energy for minimal lateral thermal spread for dissection near vital structures and maximizes visualization and control in open procedures.


Precise Tissue Dissection

HARMONIC FOCUS®+ Long Shears showing ergonomic, scissor-like design for precise, controlled dissection.

Innovation Inspired by Tradition

Precise, controlled dissection and ergonomic, scissor-like design with a single jaw aperture for versatility in dissection and minimal thermal spread thanks to Adaptive Tissue Technology.

Tip of HARMONIC FOCUS®+ Long Shears showing 17cm shaft length to reach deep anatomy.

Unprecented Access

Access and visibility in deep spaces—HARMONIC FOCUS®+ Long Shears has a 17cm shaft length to reach deep anatomy and slim profile designed for precision in tight spaces.

Surgical image of HARMONIC® FOCUS+ Long Shears producing consistent and reliable seals.

Consistent Sealing

HARMONIC® FOCUS+ Long Shears produces consistent and reliable seals.

HARMONIC FOCUS®+ Long Shears shown reducing operative time in pancreatectomy.

Superior Efficiency

Use of HARMONIC® technology in pancreatectomy saved over an hour operative time as compared to clamp, cut and tie method.§

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* Market share data compiled from Decision Resources Group EOS #120150-190806

† (038031-170215)

‡ In a pre-clinical study, 100% (32/32) of porcine blood vessels remained hemostatic over a 30 day survival period (040170-150911)

§ Haiming Lei, Dong Xu, Xinghua Shi and Koulan Han (2015). Ultrasonic Dissection versus Conventional Dissection for Pancreatic Surgery: A Meta-Analysis. Hindawi Publishing Corporation. Gastroenterology Research and Practice. Article ID 905121. EOS ID #038035-180712

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