HARMONIC® HD 1000i Shears

HARMONIC® devices are the undisputed ultrasonic leader proven to minimize the impact on tissue.*

With HARMONIC® HD 1000i Shears, experience unmatched precision and strength for improved tissue dissection, faster transection and more secure sealing.

harmonic hd 1000i shears


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HARHD20 HARHD20 Ultrasonic shears, Curved tip 

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HARHD36 HARHD36 Ultrasonic shears, Curved tip 


*Market share data compiled from Decision Resources Group (120150-190806)

† Based on user validation study where 81% of surgeons indicated that HARMONIC® HD 1000i had dissection capability superior to other advanced energy devices. (057596-200427)

‡ Based on benchtop study with 5-7mm porcine carotid arteries. (Burst pressure: 1878mmHg) (057616-200427)

§ Based on a benchtop study with 5-7mm porcine carotid arteries. HARMONIC® HD (1878mmHg) vs. LigaSure Maryland (1171mmHg) and LigaSure Impact (1224mmHg). (p<0.05) (057618-170824)

¶ Based on benchtop study compared to HARMONIC ACE®+7 (057619-200423)

\\ In a benchtop study, versus HARMONIC ACE®+7, with porcine vessels 3‐5mm in diameter (p<0.001) (050521-200421)

** Based on average device tip grasping force (distal 5mm of the jaw). (050295-200424)

For complete indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse reactions, please reference full package insert.