HARMONIC® HD 1000i Shears

HARMONIC HD 1000i Shears offers a seamless combination of unmatched precision, unparalleled strength, and optimal efficiency.

HARMONIC® HD 1000i Shears

Features & Benefits

  • HARMONIC® HD 1000i Shears Card 1

    Unmatched Precision

    Unique shape mimics a mechanical dissector. More tapered jaw is designed to enable more precise access to tissue planes. Curved, tapered blade geometry delivers superior dissection among advanced energy devices* and may reduce the need to use a separate dedicated dissecting instrument.

  • HARMONIC® HD 1000i Shears Card 2

    Unparalleled Strength

    Unique blade design delivers more secure seals, even in challenging conditions. Exceptional sealing strength as evidenced by burst pressures of 150% relative to both small and large jaw devices

  • HARMONIC® HD 1000i Shears Card 3

    Optimal Efficiency

    Increased sealing speed, multi-functionality, and simplified steps for use. Simple energy activation using one energy button provides the reliable sealing of the HARMONIC® MIN button with faster cutting than HARMONIC® MAX button for vessels up to 5mm in diameter. Strong tip grasping is designed to minimize tissue slippage and may aid in tissue manipulation and control.§

Product Specifications

Product Code

Product Code


HARHD20 HARHD20 Ultrasonic shears, Curved tip 

Product Code

Product Code


HARHD36 HARHD36 Ultrasonic shears, Curved tip 


HARMONIC® HD 1000i Shears
HARMONIC HD 1000i Shears In-Service Video
VATS lobectomy (isolation of PA – short)
VATS lobectomy (lymph node dissection)
HARMONIC HD 1000i Shears Cleaning Steps

Supporting Documentation

Product Support

HARMONIC HD 1000i Shears Optimized Device Performance Guide

HARMONIC HD 1000i Shears Hepatectomy Sales Aid

HARMONIC HD 1000i Shears Sales Brochure

HARMONIC HD 1000i Shears vs LigaSure Maryland

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* Design Validation Study with surgeons (n=31) who have used other advanced bipolar devices (Olympus Thunderbeat, Ligasure Maryland, Ligasure Impact, HARMONIC ACE+7 and HARMONIC ACE+), operating in simulated procedures in an animate porcine model (26/31).

† Based on a benchtop study with 5-7mm porcine carotid arteries. HARMONIC® HD (1878mmHg)  vs. LigaSure Maryland (1171mmHg) and LigaSure Impact (1224mmHg). (p<0.05)

‡ Seal reliability at 240mm Hg of 98.2% vs. 98.4% for HARMONIC ACE®+7 MIN button. Speed based on average time to transect 150mm of porcine jejunum (p=0.0000).

§ Based on average device tip grasping force (distal 5mm of the jaw).

For complete indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse reactions, please reference full package insert.