The HEALIX TRANSTEND™ Implant System is a comprehensive percutaneous solution, featuring HEALIX TRANSTEND Anchors and the PERCANNULA™ System, that enables the reattachment of partially torn rotator cuffs while potentially reducing tendon trauma and enhancing procedural visualization.


Features & Benefits

Material Choice

BIOCRYL RAPIDE® Biocomposite Material, PEEK, and TITANIUM (Ti) offer versatile solutions.


Small-diameter Anchors

Minimises trauma to surrounding tissue.1


Cannulated Anchor

Channels blood to the surface.


Dual-thread Pattern

Independently engages cortical and cancellous bone.


Preloaded with ORTHOCORD® Suture

ORTHOCORD® High-Strength Orthopaedic Suture delivers 55 lbs. of tensile strength.2


HEALIX TRANSTEND Procedure Animation
HEALIX TRANSTEND Procedure Animation
PASTA Repair using HEALIX TRANSTEND Implant System
PASTA Repair using HEALIX TRANSTEND Implant System

Supporting Documentation


HEALIX TRANSTEND™ Implant System Brochure


1. Zhang QS, Liu S, Zhang Q, Xue Y, Ge D, O’Brien MJ, Savoie FH, You Z. Comparison of the Tendon Damage Caused by Four Different Anchor Systems Used in Transtendon Rotator Cuff Repair. Products tested include: HEALIX PEEK™ Anchor, FASTIN® RC Threaded Anchor, HEALIX TRANSTEND Anchor and Arthrex BioComposite Corkscrew FT Anchor
2. Data on file: DHF 2002 38A DVE 041100R, Bruker I. et al. Internal Publication PN 900778 RevA 09/04. DOCUMENT NO · 300418 REV B DCN 19733, Orthocord Suture: Design Verification Testing, Test # 041100R

Indication Statement

Intended Use
For full product details and precautions, please consult the IFU.

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