IDEAL® Suture Shuttle

The IDEAL Suture Management Family of arthroscopic devices includes options in choice of method (retriever or shuttle), tip configuration, and actuation; all with technique versatility.
It is a comprehensive, disposable instrumentation system with innovative attributes designed to meet arthroscopic suture management needs.

IDEAL® Suture Shuttle

Features & Benefits


Both the shuttle shaft and tip provide the surgeon with assured confidence during arthroscopic procedures.

Ergonomic Design

The handle configuration allows for a more controlled grip and tactile feel.

Innovative Actuation Method

Combines the tactile fell of manual thumb actuation with a wheel for shuttle support.

Multiple Configurations 

7 different minimally invasive tips designed by TAG. These options allow for a comprehensive approach to suture management. 

Optimal Shuttle Performance

Durability for multi-pass use during the procedure and the kite design allows for easy shuttle manipulation.