Large External Fixator – Modular Knee Bridge

The modular construction of Large External Fixator allows flexibility in construct design. The Modular Knee Bridge frame may be used as a temporary stabilizer for intra-articular fractures of the distal end segment of the femur and the proximal end segment of the tibia.

The Large External Fixation System is MR Conditional. Refer to product labeling for a complete list of conditions for use in a MR environment.

Large External Fixator – Modular Knee Bridge

Features & Benefits

  • Large External Fixator – Modular Knee Bridge


    Free Frame Design

    • Allows surgeon to construct frame for any long bone fractures or to bridge a joint
    • Modular technique allows rapid and precise reduction during and after surgery

    Carbon Fiber Rods

    • Radiolucent for fracture visualization


    • Color-coded blue for ease of identification from other Synthes External Fixation systems
    • Feature clip-on mechanism for attaching to rods and/or pins


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Indication Statement

The Synthes Large External Fixation System is intended to provide treatment for long bone and pelvic fractures that require external fixation. Specifically, the components can be used for:

Stabilization of soft tissues and fractures
Polytrauma/multiple orthopaedic trauma
Vertically stable pelvic fractures, or as a treatment adjunct for vertically unstable pelvic fractures
Arthrodesis and osteotomies with soft tissue problems; failures of total joints
Neutralization of fractures stabilized with limited internal fixation
Non-unions/septic non-unions
Intraoperative reductions/stabilization tool to assist with indirect reduction
Unilateral rectilinear bone segment transport or leg lengthening


Warning: DePuy Synthes self-drilling, self-tapping Schanz screws and Steinmann Pins are not approved for screw attachment or fixation to the posterior elements (pedicIes) of the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine.