LASSO® Circular Mapping Catheter

Map with clarity and precision to target pulmonary vein signals. Move quickly, validate with confidence and minimize environmental impact with this eco-friendly catheter.

LASSO® Circular Mapping Catheter provides location information when used with the CARTO® 3 System. The catheter is deployed in the right or left atrium through an 8 Fr guiding sheath. The distal end of the catheter is a circular spine with platinum electrodes that can be used for simulation and recording.


Features & Benefits

precise signals

Precise Signals

Validate pulmonary vein isolation with precise signal resolution and instant electrode-electrogram association using small 1-mm electrodes for high-resolution mapping of the left atrium.

Flexibility in Choice

Flexibility in Choice

Fixed loop models are available in different circular spine diameters as well as non-navigational catheter options.


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Last Updated on 6/29/2020