LCP® Wrist Fusion Plates

The LCP Wrist Fusion System consists of anatomic plates, featuring locking compression technology, for total wrist fusions. The plate design combines 2.7 mm LCP System technology distally in the metacarpal with 3.5 mm LCP System technology proximally in the radial shaft.


Features & Benefits

  • lcp wrist fusion plate

    • Plates features Combi holes that accept 2.7 mm locking and cortex screws distally and 3.5 mm locking and cortex screws proximally

    • Standard Bend, Short Bend, and Straight Plate options anatomically designed to fit a variety of patient anatomy and defects

    • Combi hole dorsal to the capitate allows lagging or locking the capitate to the plate

  • lcp wrist fusion plate

    • Low-profile plates and tapered ends reduceplate prominence and soft tissue irritation

    • LCP System technology allows for angular stable fixation, especially in osteopenic bone, and compression of the fusion site to ensure good bone contact

    • Fusion angle of 10° dorsiflexion provides optimum hand positionAvailable in 316L stainless steel and commercially pure titanium


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Indications for Use

The LCP Wrist Fusion System is indicated for wrist arthrodesis and fractures of other small bones. Specific indications include:Post-traumatic arthritis of the joints of the wristRheumatoid wrist deformities requiring restorationComplex carpal instabilityPostseptic arthritis of the wristSevere unremitting wrist pain related to motionBrachial plexus nerve palsies