Locking Calcaneal Plate

Locking Calcaneal Plates address complex fractures of the calcaneus.

Locking Calcaneal Plate

Features & Benefits

  • Locking Calcaneal Plate


    • Available in mini, short, long and extra long, in left and right designs
    • Versatile—15 locking holes address multiple fracture patterns
    • Bendable tabs provide support for the anterior process and plantar fragments
    • Angled and ascending holes buttress the sustentaculum and provide improved support of the calcaneotalar articular surface
    • Lateral application

    • Locking screws provide standard bicortical and/or unicortical fixation
    • Threaded locking holes offer a fixed-angle construct to buttress the articular surfaces of the calcaneus
    • Permit multiple points of fixation to buttress small fragments
    • Accept standard 2.7 mm and 3.5 mm cortex screws as alternatives to, or in conjunction with, 3.5 mm locking screws

Supporting Documentation


Locking Calcaneal Plates Inventory Control Form


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Indication Statement

The Locking Calcaneal Plate is indicated for fractures and osteotomies of the calcaneus including, but not limited to, extra-articular, intra-articular, joint depression, tongue type, and severely comminuted fractures.