MatrixWAVE™ MMF System

MatrixWAVE™ MMF is a system that expands and compresses to achieve maxillomandibular fixation.

The MatrixWAVE MMF System is a bone-borne maxillomandibular fixation system that consists of a wave shaped plate that is attached to the mandible and maxilla with self-drilling locking screws. The adaptable plate can be stretched in-plane to enable surgeons to help optimize screw hole location to avoid tooth roots. The plate is available in 2 heights to accommodate the use of rigid internal fixation and individual patient anatomy. The self-drilling locking screws sit proud to the plate for additional anchor points for optional bridle wires. The dental arches are brought into occlusion by wiring around the plate hooks and/or accessible screw heads.

MatrixWAVE™ MMF System

Features & Benefits


MatrixWAVE™ MMF has an adaptable wave plate that surgeons can stretch or compress with or without the use of an instrument to help optimize screw hole location and avoid interference with definitive plating and incision location.

Post Application Adjustability

The novel wave plate pattern enables surgeons to refine bone segment alignment after wiring without repositioning screws.


Accessible screw heads are designed to sit proud and offer additional anchor points for occlusal stability and approximation of bone segments and to help minimize soft tissue growth over the screw.

Designed to Help Avoid Soft Tissue and Tooth Root Injury

MatrixWAVE MMF System is designed to protect the gingival soft tissue and enable the surgeon to avoid critical anatomic structures such as tooth roots and nerves.


Fast Application for Greater OR Efficiency

MatrixWAVE MMF System combines an adaptable plate with self-drilling locking screws to facilitate faster MMF than arch bars for greater OR efficiency.

Designed to Reduce Wire Sticks

Design eliminates interdental wiring which may reduce the risk of wire sticks for healthcare providers.

Removed in Office or Clinic

MatrixWAVE MMF can be removed under local anesthesia in the clinic or office setting to reduce the need for OR based removal procedures.

MatrixWAVE MMF Provides Opportunity for Better Oral Hygiene

MatrixWAVE MMF covers less tooth surface giving patients more access to the teeth for cleaning than competitive MMF devices.

Designed to Help Avoid Tooth Loosening

Bone-borne design eliminates the need for interdental wiring potentially reducing the risk of tooth loosening.

Designed for Patient Comfort

The MatrixWAVE MMF Plate is designed with rounded, smooth edges. Plate hooks can be bent toward the gingiva after wiring. Screw heads are rounded to help minimize the impact on patient’s soft tissue.

Supporting Documentation


Value Analysis Brief

Reimbursement Guide

Comprehensive Solutions for the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon


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Indication Statement

The MatrixWAVE MMF System is indicated for the temporary treatment of mandibular and maxillary fractures and osteotomies in adults and adolescents (age 12 and higher) in whom permanent teeth have erupted.
The system is intended for temporary stabilization of mandibular and maxillary fractures and osteotomies to maintain proper occlusion during intraoperative bone fixation and postoperative bone healing (approximately 6-8 weeks). The system affords the ability to compress bone segments across a fracture. The system is not intended to be used as a tension band.
Unstable fractures that cannot be stabilized in occlusion using the system
Patients in whom damage to un-erupted permanent teeth by screw insertion may be anticipated
Patients for whom maxillomandibular fixation represents a higher than usual psychological or physical risk
Patients who are unwilling or unable to adhere to restrictions in eating and mouth opening associated with maxillomandibular fixation
Patients with poor bone density in whom failure of screw fixation may be anticipated
This device has not been evaluated for safety and compatibility in the MR environment. This device has not been tested for heating or migration in the MR environment.
WARNING:   This product has labeling limitations.  See package insert for additional warnings, precautions and possible adverse effects.