MILAGRO® Advance Interference Screw


The MILAGRO® ADVANCE Interference Screw utilizes an advanced screw design that offers exceptional bone engagement and rapid insertion. It comes available in Mitek Sorts Medicine proprietary BIOCRYL RAPIDE® Biocomposite Material as well as PEEK Material.

milagro advance interference screw

Features & Benefits

MILAGRO ADVANCE Interference Screw dramatically improves ease of use compared to traditional interference screws:

Bony ingrowth

BIOCRYL RAPIDE Biocomposite Material promotes bony ingrowth at the implant site1-2

Rapid insertion

Inserts approximately 2x faster than traditional interference screws3

Strong fixation

Improved interdigitation of graft threads increases overall fixation strength by 25%3

Effortless bone engagement

Unique Distal-tip requires 83% less effort to achieve bone engagement3

Robust yet gentle insertion

Ease of bone engagement and lower insertion torque ensure robust insertion into hard bone with minimal torque transmission to soft tissue grafts and tendons

Material choice

Available in BIOCRYL RAPIDE Biocomposite Material and PEEK


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Indication Statement

Attachment of soft tissue grafts or bone-tendon-bone grafts to the tibia and or femur during cruciate ligament reconstruction procedures. Additionally, 7,8,9, x 23mm screws are indicated for medial & lateral collateral ligament repair, media patellofemoral ligament reconstruction (femur fixation) of the knee, proximal bicep tenodesis in shoulder and distal biceps in the elbow.