Multi-Vector Distractor

The Multi-Vector Distractor is a modular system that can be adapted to perform multi-vector distraction, bone transport distraction,or single-vector distraction of the mandible.

Multi-Vector Distractor

Features & Benefits


  • Three-dimensional postoperative vector adjustment
  • Independent lengthening of ramus and body


  • Multiple arm lengths and pin clamp sizes
  • Multi-vector or single vector distraction


  • Color-coded pin clamps simplify activation
  • Distractor can be replaced with lightweight carbon fiber construct for consolidation phase
  • Made of lightweight titanium alloy

Supporting Documentation


Distractors: Titanium Multi-Vector, Titanium Single Vector and Mandible Inventory Control Form


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Indication Statement

For use in mandibular bone lengthening for conditions such as mandibular hypoplasia or post-traumatic defects such as tumor resections, severe trauma, bone grafting defects, severe open mandible fractures where gradual distraction is required. Where bone loss is a result of the condition, bone transport can be performed as an alternative to free flaps or bone grafts.

113797-190508 DSUS