Patient Specific Plate for Mandible

The customizable features of the Patient Specific Plate for Mandible, and its compatibility with our surgical guides, is an example of how our TRUMATCH® CMF Personalized Solutions seamlessly integrate virtual surgical planning, intraoperative tools and patient specific devices to help surgeons achieve their goals of:

  • Accuracy – through visualization of anatomy and identification of surgical challenges within a 3D planning environment, intraoperative tools to accurately transfer the plan to the OR and patient specific implants
  • Efficiency – through pre-operative planning assisted by experienced clinical engineers to optimize preparation, surgical time and the number of procedural steps
  • Patient Benefit – through seeking to achieve satisfying aesthetic results and minimize operative time

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Features & Benefits

Customizable design features

  • Screw hole positions and angulations can be defined individually to avoid screw interference with nerves, tooth roots, osteotomies, existing and future implants.
  • Screw lengths can be predefined to ensure that screws do not interfere with one another.

Improved strength with lower profile*

  • Both the 2.0mm and 2.5mm thick Patient Specific Plates for Mandible have improved fatigue life over the 2.5mm MatrixMANDIBLE™ Plating System flat plates.
  • 2.0mm thick plates offer greater strength with lower profile as compared to 2.5 mm thick MatrixMANDIBLE™ Plating System flat plates.
  • Patient Specific Plates for Mandible eliminate induced mechanical stress from bending plates in the OR.

Drill hole alignment optimized with ProPlan CMF surgical guides***

  • When designed in conjunction with PROPLAN CMF® Virtual Surgical Planning Services the Patient Specific Plate for Mandible plate holes can be aligned to the drill holes in the surgical guides, for a seamless transfer of the MatrixMANDIBLE™ Plating System to the reconstruction site.


Supporting Documentation


CT/CBCT Scan Protocol

Comprehensive Solutions for the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon


*Patient Specific Plate for Mandible fatigue testing data shows increased fatigue life of both 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm profiles in comparison with MatrixMANDIBLE Plating System 2.5 mm thick plates.**

**Bench test result, may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance. Test data on file at DePuy Synthes - T12-261: Dynamic Testing of Patient Specific Plates (PSP)

***Manufactured by Materialise and distributed by DePuy Synthes.

Indication Statement

The DePuy Synthes Patient Specific Plate for Mandible is intended for use in oral and maxillofacial surgery, trauma and reconstructive surgery.

Specific Indications for Use
Primary mandibular reconstruction with bone graft
Temporary bridging until delayed secondary reconstruction
Secondary mandibular reconstruction
Comminuted mandibular fractures
Fractures of edentulous and atrophic mandibles
Unstable mandibular fractures