PEAK® Platelet Rich Plasma System

DePuy Synthes Mitek Sports Medicine is a leader in developing Early Intervention solutions, providing you with options to treat your patients. The PEAK® Platelet Rich Plasma System represents an option in autologous cellular therapies featuring a vertical roto centrifugation process. The proprietary technology consistently delivers 3 ml of 7.8x high-concentration platelet rich plasma (PRP) from 27 ml of whole blood within 2.5 minutes.


Designed with you and your patients in mind, the PEAK PRP System delivers power in its simple, user-friendly design to achieve consistent and reproducible results.

PEAK® Platelet Rich Plasma System

Features & Benefits

Achieve Optimal Ease of Use

  • Easy 3-step automated process with one intuitive user-dependent step
  • No ports to manipulate, simple single push start with a digital display countdown
  • Closed system design, for a safety profile with minimal external environment interaction

Increase Practice Efficiency

  • Fast 60 second spin separates whole blood with total 2.5 minute processing time from start to finish
  • Portable and lightweight at less than 4 lbs, the PEAK System is easy to use, store, and transport through any site of care
  • Small capital footprint allows for multiple centrifuge locations

Obtain Reproducible Results

  • Isolates approximately 90% of available platelets and growth factor
  • Delivers high level of reproducibility with a low 3.5% coefficient of variance
  • Provides over 97% reduction of red blood cells



PEAK®System Animation
PEAK®System Animation
PEAK®System Video
PEAK®System Video

Supporting Documentation


Product Brochure

Quick User Guide

PEAK System White Paper

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510(k) clearance on March 25, 2014 (BK130053)

Indication Statement

The PEAK PRP System is intended to be used for the safe and rapid preparation of autologous platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) from a small sample of blood collected at the patient’s point of care.  The PRP is mixed with autograft and/or allograft bone prior to application to a bony defect for improving handling characteristics.

All medical devices have associated risks. Please refer to the package insert and other labeling for a complete list of indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings. For further information on DePuy Synthes Products, please contact your local DePuy Synthes Representative.