Pelvic C-Clamp II

The Pelvic C-Clamp is an emergency stabilization instrument for unstable injuries and fractures of the pelvic ring.  Unstable pelvic ring fractures can be associated with massive blood loss that can cause terminal shock.  The Pelvic C-Clamp allows rapid reduction and stabilization of these unstable pelvic ring fractures.  It is a valuable tool for gaining control of the shock reaction, without delaying subsequent diagnosis and therapy.

Pelvic C-Clamp II

Features & Benefits



Permits quick and efficient compression and stabilization of fractures or luxations, and control of hemorrhaging in the unstable posterior pelvic ring. Can be applied quickly outside the operating room, e.g. in the emergency room or on the x-ray table.


Locking Mechanism

Prevents unintended loss of compression during movement of the pelvic C-clamp.


Cannulated Nail Design

Allows clamp to be swung caudally and cranially, e.g. for a laparotomy or an angiography and provides unrestricted access to the abdomen, pelvis or proximal femur.


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Indication Statement

The Pelvic C-Clamp II is intended for emergency stabilization of sacrum fractures or disruptions of the sacroiliac joint with associated circulatory instability.
Caution: Avoid use where:
• Fractures of the ilium are present, as there is risk of pin perforation through the fracture line.
• There are comminuted sacral fractures with the risk of compression of the sacral nerve plexus
Note: In life-threatening situations hemorrhage control takes priority over the potential risk of nerve root compression.