Piezoelectric System

The Piezoelectric System features patented Cruise Control® technology and a high-powered LED handpiece, which together with the modulated piezoelectric signal allows for efficient osteotomies and optimal visibility at surgical field, while reducing the risk to soft tissue.

Piezoelectric System

Features & Benefits

  • Cruise Control™ System

    • No loss of power regardless of the environment and/or treatment performed
    • Active only on mineralized tissue, with reduced risk to soft tissue
    • Minimum pressure required, resulting in high precision and less hand fatigue for clinician
    • Four power setting modes: Three for bone cutting based on bone density and one for soft tissue detachment

  • LED handpiece

    • Up to 60 watts of power for efficient osteotomies
    • Vibration free, designed to reduce surgeon discomfort
    • Six powerful LEDs for enhanced vision at the operative site
    • Attached cable

  • Progressive, multifunction foot pedal

    • Real-time adjustment of the ultrasonic power according to the anatomical constraints encountered
    • The power of the ultrasonics can be precisely adapted for areas where nerves, arteries or membranes are present
    • Total control of the console through the foot pedal, which allows hands-free operation in the sterile field, without touching the console screen

  • Cutting tips

    • Irrigation is transmitted through the tip to prevent heat generation and necrosis
    • Narrow kerf for highly precise bone surgery procedures
    • Broad range of applications

  • Console

    • User-friendly touch-sensitive LCD screen for ease of operation
    • Cable connectors for up to two handpieces, eliminating the need to change cutting tips during procedures
    • Two peristaltic pump housings
    • Two brackets for irrigation solution



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Indication Statement

The Piezoelectric System distributed by DePuy Synthes is an ultrasonic surgical system consisting of handpieces and associated tips for cutting bone and bone substitutes. It can be used for osteotomy, osteoplasty, decorticating, drilling, shaping, and smoothing of bones and teeth in a variety of surgical procedures, including general orthopaedic, otolaryngological, maxillofacial, oral, hand, foot, neurosurgical, spine, and plastic/reconstructive surgery.