PINNACLE®  Revision Acetabular Cup System

The PINNACLE® Revision Acetabular Cup System aims to address the need for enhanced stability and biomechanical optimization while providing immediate and long-term fixation.

By combining revision-specific advancements with the clinical heritage of the PINNACLE Primary Acetabular Cup System, the PINNACLE Revision System provides a solution for the challenges faced in revision cases.


Features & Benefits

pinnacle revision product

GRIPTION® Porous Coating

GRIPTION Porous Coating is specifically engineered to maintain mechanical integrity under shear, compression, torsion and tension forces. This advanced, three-dimensional fixation is designed to maximize initial stability, which leads to long-term biologic fixation.1

pinnacle revision acetabular cup system

Intraoperative Flexibility

The PINNACLE Revision Acetabular Cup System provides Standard Profile, Deep Profile, and Multi-hole shell options for intraoperative flexibility.

pinnacle revision acetabular cup system

Enhanced Stability Constrained (ESC) Liners

The PINNACLE ESC® Constrained Liner System is designed to address hip instability and dislocation through dislocation resistance and high range of motion with simple, reproducible insertion instruments.


1. Jasty M, et al. “In Vivo Skeletal Responses to Porous-Surfaced Implants Subjected to Small Induced Motions.” J Bone Joint Surg Am. 1997;79(5):707-714.