PliaFX® Prime Demineralized Bone Fibers

PliaFX® Prime is made of 100% bone fibers, optimally demineralized to promote bone growth (osteoinductive potential)2-7.  PliaFX® Prime bone fibers interlock, allowing the graft to become moldable upon rehydration, without the use of a carrier. PliaFX Prime conforms to the surgical site and remains both intact and in place.

PliaFX Prime

Features & Benefits

100% Bone

Facilitates natural remodeling during the bone healing process (no human, xenograft or synthetic carriers).8

Designed for optimized handling10

Interlocking bone fibers remain intact and in place, and are moldable upon rehydration10


Bone fibers provide a hospitable scaffold for bone remodeling 1,8

Osteoinductive Potential2-7

Optimally demineralized by LifeNet Health’s proprietary PAD® technology to expose natural growth factors.2-7



PliaFX Prime
PliaFX Prime

Supporting Documentation


PliaFX Prime Technical Overview

PliaFX Prime White Paper

PliaFX Prime Spec Sheet


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PliaFX® is a registered trademark of LifeNet Health.

Indication Statement

This allograft bio-implant is intended for implantation.
The contraindications include, but are not limited to:
Use in any patient who has a known or suspected allergy to any of the antibiotics and/or processing reagents listed in the package insert.