Radial Head Replacement System

The Radial Head Replacement System allows for direct and radiographic visualization of the radiocapitellar, proximal radio-ulnar, and ulno-humeral joints during trialing.Clear visualization with Radiolucent Trials ensures that the chosen implant allows for a degree of play within the radial neck, helping the implant remain centered during elbow motion. In addition, single-use instrumentation allows for efficiency and cost savings.1, 2, 3, 4

Radial Head Replacement System

Features & Benefits

Radiolucent Color-Coded Plastic Trials

Radiolucent Color-Coded Plastic Trials

  • Designed for better visualization of proximal ulna and joint1
  • Allow for in-situ height determination without repeated removal of trial stems1
  • Facilitate increased visibility1
Sterile Single-Use Instrument Kits

Sterile Single-Use Instrument Kits

  • Aim to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize delays3, 5-8
  • May translate to less time spent pre-operatively searching for equipment7
Smooth Stem Design

Smooth Stem Design

  • May enhance the implant’s ability to self-align and “dial in” when the elbow goes through a range of motion and may articulate with the capitellum throughout the entire arc of motion9,10
  • Associated with less removal due to implant loosening than press-fit implants11-18


Supporting Documentation


Radial Head Comprehensive Elbow Sell Sheet

Radial Head Fracture Sell Sheet

Radial Head Replacement System Brochure

Radial Head Replacement Evidence Summary


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