RECLAIM® Modular Revision Hip System

The RECLAIM® Modular Revision Hip System combines design features with comprehensive testing and engineering. Designed to be a durable and flexible system to manage the unexpected in moderate to severe hip revision surgery.

RECLAIM®   Modular Revision Hip System

Features & Benefits

reclaim modular revision hip system product

Advanced Strength1

The RECLAIM Revision Hip System has over 600 million cycles of fatigue testing to demonstrate a superior construct strength profile.1

A reproducible 2,000 pound assembly load is applied to join the taper junction for optimum and consistent locking taper performance.

reclaim modular revision hip system product

Advanced Fixation

The RECLAIM Hip Stem is a True 2.5° Wagner style distal stem design engineered for fixation, torsional stability and resistance to subsidence.

In addition, axial and torsional stability are provided by the plateau spline design which is intended to engage multiple bony contact points.

reclaim modular revision hip system product

Advanced Instrumentation

The RECLAIM Instrumentation is designed to increase speed and efficiency in the operating room.

Supporting Documentation


Reclaim Revision Hip System Design Rationale


1. RECLAIM Total Cycles Test Data on file, DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc.