RELIEVA SIDEKICK® Low Profile Sinus Guide Catheter Handle

The RELIEVA SIDEKICK® Low Profile Sinus Guide Catheter Handle enables continuous, direct visualization as you use RELIEVA® Balloon Sinuplasty Devices, delivering a means for handling of endoscope and instruments in tandem.

acclarent sidekick


Catalog Number Product 
SDKKLP RELIEVA SIDEKICK® Low Profile Sinus Guide Catheter Handle 
SDKK01 RELIEVA® Sinus Guide Catheters 


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Important Safety Information:

ACCLARENT® Balloon Sinuplasty Devices are intended for use by or under the direction of a physician who is trained in the use of Acclarent Technology. ACCLARENT® Balloon Sinuplasty Device use has described risks, including tissue and mucosal trauma, infection, or possible orbital injury.

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