In-situ Bending Pelvic Instrument Set

In-situ bending instruments adjust the precontoured reconstruction plates on the bone to match the relevant patient anatomy during a surgical procedure. Use of these instruments helps to decrease surgical time by reducing the need of repeated cycles in plate positioning until plate shape is sufficiently contoured.

In-situ Bending Instrument Set

Features & Benefits

in situ bending instrument set

Three In-situ Bending and Twisting Handle options: straight, 90°, 120°

Additional options to bend or twist the plate to the appropriate contour.

in situ bending instrument set

In-Situ Bending pliers are designed with a nose and counter-bearing mouth.

The pliers can grasp the preliminarily fixated plate while the handles are squeezed to bend the plates as required.


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Indication Statement

The In-situ bending instruments are designed for use in the following plate systems:
• 3.5 mm Low Profile Reconstruction Plates (straight, curved, and J-shaped)
• 3.5 mm Wide Angle Reconstruction Plates
• 3.5 mm DCP® Reconstruction Plates, straight and curved
These instruments are not designed for plates with locking and coaxial Combi holes.
In particular:
• 3.5 Locking Reconstruction Plates
• 3.5 mm Pubic Symphysis Plates
• 3.5 mm Spring Plates
• 3.5 mm Locking Reconstruction Plates with coaxial Combi holes
• Plates in sizes other than 3.5 mm

093865-200930 DSUS

Please refer to the instructions for use for a complete list of indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.