Small Battery Drive II

The Small Battery Drive II is a compact and modular battery-driven DePuy Synthes Power Tool system. It offers a comprehensive set of attachments and accessories.

Small Battery Drive II

Features & Benefits

Compact and Ergonomic Handpiece

Compact and Ergonomic Handpiece

  • Standing Battery Casing designed to support the handling of intra-operative tools exchange
  • High working comfort with low hand fatigue, freedom of movement
  • High power for Small Bone applications
Versatile system with broad range of attachments

Versatile System with Broad Range of Attachments

  • Intuitive coupling designed for a quick attachment exchange.
  • Attachments available for drilling, reaming, sawing and K-wire insertion.
System Triggers

System Triggers

  • Two Trigger mechanism for gradual speed regulation and mode selection
  • Oscillating drilling mode designed to protect soft tissue
Innovative reprocessing solutions

Innovative Reprocessing Solutions

Dedicated Washing Basket designed for optimal cleaning and sterilization conditions for the complete system.

14.4 V Li-Ion battery

14.4 V Li-Ion Battery

  • Li-Ion battery technology designed for long-lasting power
  • Aseptic batteries with option to sterilize with STERRAD® and VPRO® systems
Power Enabled Solutions

Power Enabled Solutions

  • EXPEDIUM® Power- provides surgeons and hospitals a simple solution for complex spine surgeries.
  • LCP® Ulna Osteotomy System – Low profile, angular stable fixation for Ulna Shortening Osteotomies, using parallel saw blades for cutting accuracy.
  • Crescentic Saw blades designed for the Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy (TPLO) System - stabilizing osteotomies of the canine proximal tibia.

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Indication Statement

• General traumatology
• Hand and wrist surgery
• Foot and ankle surgery
• Spine surgery