SPEED™ Hand & Wrist System

The SPEED™ Hand & Wrist System, developed with the help of a team of leading hand surgeons is designed to make Nitinol hardware fixation as intuitive as possible. Most importantly, the surgeon can now determine the bridge and leg lengths needed PRIOR to opening an implant package. With easy-to-use Drilling Templates, an optional Sizing Guide, and an included Depth Gauge, the SPEED Hand & Wrist System redefines simplicity in the operating room.

speed hand wrist system product

Features & Benefits

SPEEDTM Implant Profile

SPEEDTM Implant Profile

  • High strength shape memory design that provides continuous active compression of bones during the entire healing process.
  • Bowing-bridge implant design distributes compression more evenly along the near and far cortices.
  • Barbed legs provide secure fixation and resist migration and back-out during healing.
bme drilling tool

Drilling Template

Dual-purpose drilling templates designed to select bridge size and drill, all in one step.

speed hand wrist system product

Insertion Tool

Implants are pre-loaded on BME's patent pending Zero-Torque™ insertion tool.

Depth Gauge

BME depth gauge included for determining leg length PRIOR to selecting the implant.

Corresponding Drill Kit

Corresponding Drill Kit

Kit Component Display

Supporting Documentation


Mid-Carpal Fusion CCI Case Study – Dr. Gaston, MD


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Indication Statement

• Fracture and osteotomy fixation and joint arthrodesis of the hand.
• Hand bone fragment and osteotomy fixation and joint arthrodesis.
• Fixation of small fragments of bone (i.e. small fragments of bone which are not comminuted to the extent to preclude staple placement). These fragments may be located in long bones such as the femur, fibula and tibia in the lower extremities; the humerus, ulna or radius in the upper extremities; the clavicle; and in flat bone such as the pelvis and scapula.