SPEEDARC® Nitinol Compression Implant

SPEEDARC® Nitinol Compression Implant is a superelastic shape memory fixation device that conforms to the sloping surfaces of the metaphyseal anatomy. This Continuous Active Compression implant is designed to provide fixation along the medial aspect of the metaphyseal flare of the proximal phalange of the Hallux while keeping the implant legs parallel to the transverse osteotomy line. Used for fracture and osteotomy fixation and joint arthrodesis of the hand and foot.

SPEEDARC Nitinol Compression Implant

Features & Benefits

Implant Profile

Anatomic bridge design that conforms to the sloping surfaces found on metaphyseal flares.

Provides continuous active compression of bones.

Barbed legs provide secure fixation and resist migration and back-out.

Sizing Tool

Includes sizing tool for accurate implant selection.

Insertion Tool

Exclusive, SPEEDARC Implants Zero-Torque Insertion Tool is designed for precise, gentle placement of the implant in softer bone and sensitive osteotomies.

Optimized, pre-sterilized, fully disposable system

Pre-sterilized disposable system includes instrumentation to enhance patient safety and operating room efficiencies.

Size & Profile

The SPEEDARC Implants are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate most osteotomies and fusions where uneven bone surfaces exist.

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Indication Statement

  • Fracture and osteotomy fixation and joint arthrodesis of the hand and foot.
  • Fixation of proximal tibial metaphysis osteotomy.
  • Hand and foot bone fragment and osteotomy fixation and joint arthrodesis.
  • Fixation of small fragments of bone (i.e. small fragments of bone which are not comminuted to the extent to preclude staple placement). These fragments may be located in long bones such as the femur, fibula and tibia in the lower extremities; the humerus, ulna or radius in the upper extremities; the clavicle; and in flat bone such as the pelvis and scapula.

114961-190523 DSUS