SPEEDTRAP™ Graft Preparation System

SPEEDTRAP™ Graft Prep System is a whipstitching device designed to simplify soft-tissue graft preparation.  It applies uniform, consistent whipstitches to the graft faster and easier than traditional techniques. Even distribution and uniform pattern of whipstitches ensure tubularization of the graft for easy passage through the tunnel. This high strength suture construct is offered pre-loaded on a sterile, single-use delivery device.

SPEEDTRAP™ Graft Preparation System

Features & Benefits

SPEEDTRAP™ Graft Prep System

High strength “winding” suture anchored to flat “spine” suture

  • Designed to provide even distribution and uniform whipstitch pattern
  • Tubularizes graft to easily pass through tunnels.
  • Compresses the graft rather than pierces through it, preventing damage to the graft
  • Works well even on small, wispy grafts (ie: less than 3mm).
SPEEDTRAP™ Graft Prep System

Sterile, disposable delivery device

  • Easily deploys whipstitches on the graft with a simple pull of the suture tails.
  • Minimizes graft preparation time by 77%1 compared to traditional whipstitching techniques, may reduce overall OR time, anesthesia and tourniquet time.
SPEEDTRAP™ Graft Prep System

Needleless delivery system

  • Minimizes risk of graft damage. Needle/suture holes have been shown to weaken the graft.2

Strong suture construct

  • Designed to maintain the strength required to meet clinical conditions during tensioning and cyclic loading
  • Suture compresses graft, does not lacerate it.



Surgical technique, Speedtrap
Surgical technique, Speedtrap
Complete KNEE SOLUTIONS Animation
Complete KNEE SOLUTIONS Animation

Supporting Documentation


SPEEDTRAP Graft Prep System Value Analysis


1 Reference Internal Data:  103304691 
2 Wang, Robert, MD, etal. “A Comparison of Structural and Mechanical Properties of Tubularized AND Native Semitendinosus Graft,” Am J Sports Med, March 2010 38:1246

Indication Statement

The SPEEDTRAP suture contruct is indicated for use in soft tissue approximation in orthopedic procedures.

The SPEEDTRAP™ suture construct provides a means of preparing soft tissue grafts used in orthopedic procedures. The implantable suture construct is made of a non-absorbable, flat spine suture composed of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and a co-braided winding suture composed of either green (D&C Green #6) poly (ethylene terephthalate)(PET) and UHMWPE, or un-dyed PET and UHMWPE. The winding suture is coated with a non-absorbable, polybutilate coating. The SPEEDTRAP winding sutures meet USP requirements for Size 2 suture except for diameter. The suture construct is supplied on a disposable, non-implantable, sterile delivery device made of polypropylene.