Sternal ZIPFIX®


The Sternal ZIPFIX® System enables fast sternal closure with consistent tensioning of a sternal band along a sternotomy or fracture of the sternum. The system primarily consists of PEEK (polyetheretherketone) implants and an application instrument.

Sternal ZIPFIX® System

Features & Benefits


    • Flexible and easy to handle
    • Excellent closure strength and stability
    • Biocompatible, PEEK
    • Can be cut using wire/pin cutter for quick emergent re-entry
    • Rounded edges for less soft tissue irritation
    • Less risk of glove puncture than wires
    • MR Safe after removing stainless steel needle (see device specific insert for full instructions)


Sternal ZIPFIX®System
Animated video of sternal closure technique using the Sternal ZIPFIX® System
Sternal ZIPFIX® System Animation
Animated video of sternal closure technique using the Sternal ZIPFIX® System
Sternal ZIPFIX® System – Surgical Technique and Case Study
Video case study by Dr. Arthur Martella of sternal closure using the Sternal ZIPFIX® System


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Indication Statement

Indications for Use

Primary or secondary closure/repair of the sternum following sternotomy or fracture of the sternum to stabilize the sternum and promote fusion.

The Sternal ZIPFIX® Implants are not intended for use in:
Patient conditions including limited blood supply, insufficient quantity or quality of bone
Material sensitivity.  Where material sensitivity is suspected, testing is to be completed prior to implantation.
Patients who are unwilling or incapable of following postoperative care instructions.