SURGICEL SNoW™ Absorbable Hemostat  

SURGICEL SNoW Hemostat helps you focus on the procedure, not the bleed. With enhanced speed, handling and performance, one layer is more effective than four layers of SURGICEL® Original Absorbable Hemostat.

surgical snow hemostat

Features & Benefits

graph of surgicel snow reduction of mrsa

Proven Bactericidal Advantage

SURGICEL® is bactericidal in vitro against a wide range of organisms. The SURGICEL Family of Absorbable Hemostats is the first and only absorbable hemostat proven bactericidal against a broad range of gram-positive and gram-negative organisms including various antibiotic resistant bacteria (MRSA, VRE, PRSP and MRSE).1*

Faster time to hemostasis

Faster Time to Hemostasis

Expedite hemostasis with Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose (ORC). SURGICEL SNoW Hemostat initiates hemostasis by serving as a scaffold for platelet adhesion and aggregation that leads to quick clot formation.3 SURGICEL SNoW Hemostat provides superior hemostasis compared to SURGICEL Original Hemostat (43% faster time to hemostasis [TTH]) with reproducible performance among specialties and procedures.

Superior conformability and handling

Superior Conformability and Handling

Non-woven structure increases surface contact to bleeding site.2† With enhanced conformability and superior handling vs. SURGICEL Original Hemostat, SURGICEL SNoW Hemostat is easy to deploy and manipulate in laparoscopic surgery. Its non-woven structure increases surface contact to bleeding site.2†

Graph of Increased cost savings comparing surgicel original to surgicel fibrillar and surgicel snow

Increased Cost Savings

Offering enhancements vs. SURGICEL Original Hemostat in hemostatic performance, conformability, and tissue adherence at the bleeding site, is correlated with lower product utilization and better patient outcomes—Up to 25% less product usage, transfusion cost lowered by 38% to 52%, hospital LOS reduced by up to 15%; equates to $500 to $2000 in savings, stay in intensive care unit (ICU) shortened by up to 20%; equates to $200 to $500 in savings.



SURGICEL Mechanism of Action
SURGICEL Mechanism of Action
The SURGICEL Family Manufacturing Process: Consistency & Control
The SURGICEL Family Manufacturing Process: Consistency & Control
SURGICEL Features and Benefits
SURGICEL Features and Benefits

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SURGICEL SNoW™ Product Overview

Product Specifications

Product Code

Product Code


2081 2081 Structured non-woven fabric, needle punched with interlocking fibers 

Product Code

Product Code


2082 2082 Structured non-woven fabric, needle punched with interlocking fibers 

Product Code

Product Code


2083 2083 Structured non-woven fabric, needle punched with interlocking fibers 


* Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE), penicillin-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae (PRSP), methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis (MRSE).

† Compared to SURGICEL® Original Absorbable Hemostat.

1. Data on File, Ethicon, Inc. In Vitro Study.

2. Helms JM. Ethicon Biosurgery Snow.

3. Surgicel Absorbable Hemostat Full Prescribing Information, Helms JM. Ethicon Biosurgery Snow Marketing Claims Report. July 12, 2010

SURGICEL Essential Product Information


SURGICEL® Absorbable Hemostat (oxidized regenerated cellulose) is used adjunctively in surgical procedures to assist in the control of capillary, venous, and small arterial hemorrhage when ligation or other conventional methods of control are impractical or ineffective. SURGICEL® ORIGINAL, SURGICEL®FIBRILLAR™, SURGICEL® NU-KNIT®, and SURGICEL®SNoW™ Absorbable Hemostats can be cut to size for use in endoscopic procedures.


Use only as much SURGICEL® Absorbable Hemostat as is necessary for hemostasis, holding it firmly in place until bleeding stops. Remove any excess before surgical closure in order to facilitate absorption and minimize the possibility of foreign body reaction.

In urological procedures, minimal amounts of SURGICEL® Absorbable Hemostat should be used and care must be exercised to prevent plugging of the urethra, ureter, or a catheter by dislodged portions of the product.

Since absorption of SURGICEL® Absorbable Hemostat could be prevented in chemically cauterized areas, its use should not be preceded by application of silver nitrate or any other escharotic chemicals.

If SURGICEL® Absorbable Hemostat is used temporarily to line the cavity of large open wounds, it should be placed so as not to overlap the skin edges. It should also be removed from open wounds by forceps or by irrigation with sterile water or saline solution after bleeding has stopped.

Precautions should be taken in otorhinolaryngologic surgery to assure that none of the material is aspirated by the patient. (Examples: controlling hemorrhage after tonsillectomy and controlling epistaxis.)

Care should be taken not to apply SURGICEL® Absorbable Hemostat too tightly when it is used as a wrap during vascular surgery (see Adverse Reactions section of the complete product package insert).


“Encapsulation” of fluid and foreign body reactions have been reported.

There have been reports of stenotic effect when SURGICEL® Absorbable Hemostat has been applied as a wrap during vascular surgery.

Paralysis and nerve damage have been reported when SURGICEL® Absorbable Hemostat was used around, in, or in proximity to foramina in bone, areas of bony confine, the spinal cord, and/or the optic nerve and chiasm.

Blindness has been reported in connection with surgical repair of a lacerated left frontal lobe when SURGICEL® Absorbable Hemostat was placed in the anterior cranial fossa.

Possible prolongation of drainage in cholecystectomies and difficulty passing urine per urethra after prostatectomy have been reported.

For more information, please consult your doctor or for product quality and technical questions, call 1-800-795-0012. For complete product information including indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse reactions, please reference the individual product package inserts.