SYNPOR® Porous Polyethylene Implants

SYNPOR® Porous Polyethylene Implants are ideal for craniofacial reconstruction and augmentation. SYNPOR Polyethylene Implants are manufactured from an inert, nonabsorbable polymer formulated to contain a network of open and interconnecting pores approximately 100 – 250 µm in size.  The pores allow for fibrovascular tissue ingrowth.

SYNPOR® Porous Polyethylene Implants

Features & Benefits


    • Interconnecting porous structure supports fibrovascular tissue ingrowth which promotes integration with surrounding tissues
    • Nonabsorbable, biocompatible, semi-rigid material is strong yet flexible
    • Contourable and easily shaped
    • Implants may be fixated with screws, tacks, wire, or suture

Supporting Documentation


CMF Biomaterial Solutions Brochure

SYNPOR® Porous Polyethylene Implants Inventory Control Form

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Indication Statement

Indications for Use
SYNPOR® Porous Polyethylene Implants are intended for use in non-load bearing applications in craniofacial reconstruction, cosmetic surgery, and repair of craniofacial trauma.