TRUESPAN™ Meniscal Repair System

Designed to Simplify Meniscal Repair

TRUESPAN™ Meniscal Repair System

Features & Benefits

Simplified Deployment

Device features an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold and a single trigger, allowing use with only one hand! No needle assembly or re-loading steps required.

Designed to be Robust

Implants and suture are protected by a depth stop and rigid needle wile accessing hard to reach locations.


Available in 0, 12 & 24 needles pre-loaded with PEEK implants and 2-0 partially absorbable ORTHOCORD® Suture.

Low Profile

Small size needle & implants minimize tissue disruption and ‘kickback’ during deployment. Repairs with TRUESPAN™ Meniscal Repair System implants do not leave a knot or hard body on articular surfaces!


Supporting Documentation


MITEK Truespan Brochure


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2 – Internal Data: Notebook 2014-10, Pages 5-9 

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Indication Statement

The TRUESPAN Meniscal Repair System is intended for use in meniscal repairs and meniscal allograft transplant procedures. It is intended to be used for anchoring the allograft to the meniscal rim during allograft transplant procedures.