Variable Angle Locking Patella Plating System

The 2.7mm VA Locking Anterior Patella Plate is designed for utility across various fracture patterns. The surgical technique guide includes two sections:

  • Complex Fractures – 3-hole and 6-hole plates are recommended.
  • Simple Fractures – Core, 3-hole, and 6-hole plates may be used, based on fracture complexity.
Variable Angle Locking Patella Plating System

Features & Benefits

  • Range of plates designed to address simple, wedge and complex fractures for large and small patellae.  
  • Plate design facilitates bending and contouring to meet patient specific needs. Windows can be used to attach soft tissue with suture.
  • Plates can be cut to meet the needs for the specific fracture pattern and patient anatomy.
  • Variable angle (VA) locking holes enable up to 15˚ of screw angulation to target small bone fragments, avoid fracture lines and other hardware.
  • Screw holes accept 2.4 mm* and 2.7 mm VA locking, and cortex screws.
  • Legs of the plate allow bicortical polar (apex to base) screws to be placed for interfragmentary fixation.
  • Available in Titanium and Stainless Steel.

* 2.4 mm anterior-posterior locking screws may only be used in small, non-load bearing fragments.


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167830-210222 DSUS