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Cleaning & Sterilization Guidelines

Cleaning & Sterilization Guidelines for Synthes Trauma, CMF, Biomaterials and Spine Devices

The proper processing of devices is paramount to ensuring patient safety. Since cleaning and sterilization instructions vary among device manufacturers, health care facilities must obtain appropriate written and validated cleaning and sterilization information. Synthes recognizes your efforts, and to better assist our hospital customers with the clinical reprocessing of Synthes’ devices, this information has been incorporated into the following documents.

Processing Synthes Reusable Medical Devices - Instruments, Instrument Trays, and Graphic cases

This document provides recommendations for cleaning and sterilizing Synthes’ reusable instruments, instrument trays, and graphic cases, sold in North America, with the following exceptions:

Synthes Piezoelectric Handpiece, PN: 05.001.401 and the Synthes Piezoelectric System, PN: 68.001.400. For the Synthes Piezoelectric Handpiece and Piezoelectric System, please refer to its User Manual for Sterilization guidelines.

Processing Non-sterile Synthes Implants

This document provides recommendations for cleaning and sterilizing non-sterile Synthes implants sold in North America. The information provided applies to unused and non-contaminated Synthes implants only. Explanted Synthes implants must never be reprocessed and should be handled according to hospital protocol upon removal. It must be noted that most implants provided sterile but rendered un-sterile (package opened but unused) can be processed via these recommendations. To determine which sterile implants can be resterilized, refer to the package insert included with the sterile implant.

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Processing Instructions


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