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CareSense*, provided by MedTrak Inc., a third-party vendor, is a cloud-based platform designed to help hospitals engage, educate, communicate and guide patients through their episode of care.

Communication Is Critical for Success 

  • Studies show that preoperative education before hip or knee arthroplasty may shorten the patient’s length of stay (LOS) on average by one day1,2 

  • Patient-centered care can decrease utilization of health care services and lower total annual charges, reduce patients’ anxiety and reduce their perceived need for further investigations and referrals3 

  • Patients who have a clear care pathway may result in better discharge rates and lower costs, potentially saving several thousands of dollars per patient

Delivering Results 

  • A North Carolina hospital realized a reduction in surgical cancellations from an average of 9.5% to 0.2% in six months5 

  • An Arizona orthopaedic surgical group improved readmission rates from a baseline of 7.16% to 6.67%5†Ŧ 

  • 96% of patients at a Pennsylvania hospital thought that the communications they received were helpful throughout their course of care


  • One-way patient communication (alerts, emails, survey reminders, customized surgeon videos)  

  • Two-way patient communication (surveys to collect patient reported outcomes, monitor patient health, capture patient satisfaction data)  

  • Patient engagement and education aimed at better post-acute results, lower readmission rates 


  • Address readmissions – care navigators are alerted when patients report symptoms that may lead to readmission  

  • Monitor outcomes with a powerful set of data collection and analysis tools to capture Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)  

  • Track patients post-discharge and communicate with Post-Acute Care (PAC) clinicians directly  

  • Automated patient contact means the staff can focus on other important tasks 

Needs Identification 

  1. MedTrak, facilitated by the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, presents a demonstration on the Digital Care Navigation capabilities and potential savings, to your team 

  1. MedTrak then conducts an in-depth customer needs assessment to configure and customize the Digital Care Navigation designed to meet your identified needs 

  1. MedTrak writes a formal System Requirements Specification that your team will review and approve 

  1. MedTrak then develops customized patient pathways, aligned to your approved System Requirements Specification, that you can send to your patients to enhance their experience 

  1. MedTrak continuously evaluates patient adherence to the care pathway and incorporates updates, as needed 



These are examples only and do not guarantee or predict future results, which will vary depending on individual circumstances 
†Baseline established in 2009-2012; results reported in Q1 2016   ‡Results for patients discharged under MS-DRGs 469 and 470, combined 

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*Digital Care Navigation is a Fee for Service Offering