Health Questions For Your Doctors

black couple meeting bariatric surgeonYour doctor plays a large role in your surgery and recovery.1 But, in order to get the best care, you need to work together. That means asking your doctor questions to learn more about what surgery options are right for you, and what surgery will be like for you. If you play a more active role in your care, you can be better prepared for your surgery and recovery.

Questions for Your Primary Care Physician

    1.     Do I qualify for surgery?
    2.     What are my surgery options?
    3.     Which option do you think is best for me? Why?
    4.     What are the benefits of this type of procedure?
    5.     What are the risks?
    6.     Do you know a surgeon who routinely performs this procedure using a minimally
        invasive approach?

Questions for Your Surgeon

    1.    Do you feel that (type of surgery your doctor suggested) is a good option for me? Why?
    2.     How many times have you performed this specific procedure?
    3.     Will you be performing the procedure yourself or with other surgeons?
    4.     Do you have specialized staff that focuses on this type of procedure?
    5.     What do I need to do to qualify for this procedure?
    6.     What will I need to do to prepare for this procedure?
    7.     How long will I need to stay in the hospital after the surgery?
    8.     How long will it take me to fully recover?
    9.     When can I resume my normal activities, including school, work, exercise, sexual activity, and hobbies?


1. Presutti R, Gorman R, Swain J. Concise review for clinicians. Primary care perspective on bariatric surgery. Mayo Clinic Proc. 2004;79(9):1158-1166.