Alternative Ways to Pay for Surgery

patient hand holding credit card to indicate alternative payment methodWhat Else Can You Do?
If your insurance won’t cover the cost of your bariatric surgery, there are other options.

  • Loans: A loan from a bank may provide you with the financial resources needed for your treatment. Equity lines are often a popular choice to fund bariatric surgery. Shop around and try to get the best interest rate.
  • Financing Plans: Check with your doctor and see if financing plans are available.
  • Credit Cards: Many times credit cards are used to pay for medical expenses. Check with your doctor to see which ones are accepted. In addition, credit cards may also offer the ability to cash advance on them (be aware of the interest rate on cash advances as they may be higher than purchasing rates).
  • Borrow Money: There is no shame in asking a loved one or a friend for a loan.

Learn more about your insurance and insurance pre-approval.

This content is adapted from The OAC (Obesity Action Coalition) Insurance Guide.