Should I Get Weight Loss Surgery?

female deciding to have bariatric surgeryMaking the choice to have bariatric surgery is often a complex decision, but with the right support and information, you can feel more confident about it. After you have attended an information session, talked with your doctor, and researched surgery on your own, you will be prepared to consider bariatric surgery as an option for you. You will need to weigh the pros and cons of surgery, and decide if it fits with your life and your goals. As you’re making your decision, keep in mind:

  • Surgery is serious. You shouldn’t have surgery unless you have seriously attempted other weight loss methods and they haven’t worked for you. Surgery isn’t just another weight loss fad that you can “try out.”
  • Surgery is a commitment. After surgery, you will need to change how you eat and exercise for the rest of your life, in order to maintain your weight loss.
  • Surgery is a journey. You won’t reach a healthy weight right away. Most weight is lost steadily during the first year or two after surgery.
  • Surgery isn’t a magic bullet. Most likely, you won’t lose all your excess weight. But you can reach a much healthier weight. It’s important to be realistic about what your expectations are.

Surgery can be life-changing, and although most of the changes will be good, there may be some challenges that you didn’t expect. It can be a daunting process, but the vast majority of people who get bariatric surgery are glad they did. Remember, you are the only person who can decide if bariatric surgery is right for you. If you’re still committed to the idea of having surgery after you’ve given it some serious thought, congratulations! It’s time to talk to your doctor about next steps, and how to prepare yourself for surgery.