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Merging insights, execution, and performance to help simplify knee replacement surgery.

VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution simplifies knee replacement surgery by providing valuable insights, versatile execution, and verified performance to deliver efficiency for surgeons and optimize patient outcomes.1,2

Key Features

Versatile Execution

Instinctive, integrated design to give surgeons the control they’re used to while optimizing daily OR flow.1

Proprietary technology maintains the saw cut plane to help execute precise, reproducible surgeon-controlled cuts.2

Instinctive User Interface
Clear interface, streamlined clinical application, adaptable workflow and fast registration process aims to improve procedural efficiency.1

Integrated Operating Platform
ATTUNE® Knee INTUITION® Instruments and an easily maneuverable robotic design streamline OR integration and help improve daily OR flow.1

Versatile Execution

Valuable Insights

Gap balance data to help surgeons visualize and predict joint stability.

Natural Joint Assessment
Pre-resection assessment of alignment and predicted gap balance to help surgeons plan for optimal ATTUNE® Knee Implant position.

Single-page planning to easily adjust parameters helping surgeons personalize alignment and balance relative to soft tissues. 

Soft tissue stability graph provides balancing data throughout the full range of motion prior to execution of bony cuts to help surgeons visualize and predict joint stability.

Valuable Insights

Verified Performance

Accurate, consistent plan execution supporting the ATTUNE Knee in providing better patient outcomes 2-6

High-speed camera, triple-drive motion technology, and PURESIGHT™ Hydrophobic Optical Reflectors work together to adjust and control the resection plane for accurate, consistent execution to plan 2

Procedural Joint Verification
Post-resection assessment to help surgeons verify final gap balance and overall leg alignment for intra-operative confirmation of ATTUNE Knee Implant position.

Works exclusively with the ATTUNE Knee System, which has shown to improve patient reported outcomes by working in harmony with the patient’s anatomy to deliver both stability and motion.3-6

Verified Performance
DePuy Synthes VELYS Robotic Virtual Experience
DePuy Synthes VELYS Robotic Virtual Experience

The Robotic Virtual Experience is Live

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