TRUMATCH® Personalized Solutions Shoulder System


Real-time pre-operative plan, designed for every patient

TRUMATCH® Personalized Solutions Shoulder System is an advanced, web-based software offering real-time planning and patient matched surgical instrumentation designed to aid in shoulder implant positioning and procedural efficiency. It virtually aligns the implant specifically to the patient’s anatomy by pre-operatively positioning the implant, taking advantage of the implant design and potentially improving the implant performance. Surgeons can feel confident going into surgery with a pre-operative plan, designed for each individual patient, to potentially help reduce complications that can arise in challenging cases.

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Key Features


2D and 3D Visualization

Pre-operative software to visualize anatomy and components for total and reverse shoulder arthroplasty


Reconstruction of the Premorbid Scapula

Statistical shape model to provide a simulation of the premorbid scapula


Automated Humeral Measurements

Humeral head diameter estimation provided by best fit sphere of the humeral head 


Glenoid Quantification and Automated Heat Map

Calculations such as vault loss and maximum erosion depth are provided and illustrated using an automated heat map


Component Positioning

Implant positioning offered in 2D and 3D for anatomic and reverse procedures


Bone Graft Planning

Preoperative visualization of bone graft and in case planning report to assist intraoperatively 


Patient Matched Guide

Optional 3D printed guide designed with a coracoid clip for additional stability 

Featured On-Demand Learning

Discover Shoulder Arthroplasty with TRUMATCH® Personalized Solutions Shoulder System with Michael Codsi, MD.

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