Virtual Learning: Bringing Solutions to Surgeons on a Global Scale

July 8th 2020

Virtual Learning: Bringing Solutions to Surgeons on a Global Scale


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many hospitals transformed to accommodate coronavirus patients, and most elective surgeries were cancelled or delayed. Surgeons are facing inactivity and have re-sized their practices, but there is more work to do. Johnson & Johnson has made it a priority to provide innovative resources that enable the continuum of care.

Today, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies around the world are expanding online professional education programs—going above and beyond virtual learning experiences to gather experts, share knowledge and provide support for surgeons leveraging the digital environment. From training sessions to meetings to consultations, surgeons are relying on virtual solutions more than ever to connect to valuable resources, and each other.

The Johnson & Johnson Institute expanded its collaboration with Advances in Surgery (AIS) to connect surgeons and other HCPs to critical COVID-19 information, online training and webinars.  More than 3 million HCPs from 150+ countries have visited the AIS COVID-19 microsite to date.

Johnson & Johnson Institute Offers COVID-19 Resources
The Johnson & Johnson Institute, the training and learning center for healthcare providers, rapidly expanded its education ecosystem with the development of a new COVID-19 Community Hub that features internal and external resources to meet some of the pressing needs of healthcare professionals (HCPs) around the world. Doctors, nurses and other clinical and administrative staff visit the Hub for information about managing energy and well-being, and to take courses anytime/anywhere for continuous learning across multiple specialties. 

They have also been connecting to critical COVID-19 information, online training and webinars made possible by an expanded collaboration with Advances in Surgery (AIS). More than 3 million HCPs from 150+ countries have visited the AIS COVID-19 microsite thus far.

Around the globe, Mentor reached plastic surgeons with the Thriving in the New Normal Webcast Series.

Mentor Produces Webcast Series
Dr. Paul Harris, President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, expressed his support for the series. “To be able to turn to the Mentor Thriving Series has been incredibly supportive. The series has helped us understand that we can all emerge stronger and better prepared for the new normal.”

Our representatives and clinical support staff are maintaining assistance for surgeons in the OR through live video chat.

Sales Representatives Support Customers Through Live Video Chat
“Normally, we’re there in-person with surgeons to help however we can, but of course that’s not possible right now,” said DePuy Synthes Trauma Sales Representative, Jason Vallen. “Thankfully, with video chat, we’re able to provide an alternative communication channel that helps us delivering additional assistance, so that adapting to video chat is as seamless for the surgeons as possible.”

Beyond training seminars, the Johnson & Johnson Medical Device Companies have also brought together institutions and doctors from around the world through webinars to discuss effective, institutional solutions for treating large numbers of patients during the COVID-19 crisis.

In APAC, during the first quarter of the year, more than 40,000 HCPs attended virtual training sessions modified from original live events across Biosense Webster, DePuy Synthes and Ethicon. China was a key driver as much of the country was in lockdown.

Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) Attend Virtual Trainings in Asia Pacific
Xiaoming Chen, J&J Senior Director Education Solutions Ethicon Asia Pacific, said, “As we continue to navigate the new normal, the need for us to deliver compelling, meaningful and market leading digital education could not have been more acute. Digital education programs can easily bring together our top faculties across the region and reach a much larger audience across geographies.”

A few hundred virtual training programs have been scheduled in the coming quarters, with expected participation of over 50,000 HCPs from across the region

In France, the Biosense Webster team created and ran successful virtual training sessions for nurses who suddenly had spare time due to the postponement of non-urgent surgeries.

Biosense Webster Develops Virtual Programming for Nurses
“The format was very much appreciated, and we are planning to do another one soon.” said Margaux de Cidrac, Clinical Specialist in Cardiac Electrophysiology at Biosense Webster. “Even by staying at home, we can be there for our clients!”

In Latin America, the Brazilian Online Program Cuidando de Quem Cuida de Nos (“taking care of those who take care of us”) provides emotional support to HCPs on the front lines of COVID-19.

Healthcare Providers Access Emotional Support Resources in Latin America
Regiane Soccol, Senior Manager of Global Community Impact Strategy in the LATAM region, shared her thoughts. “The emotional impact of this pandemic on frontline health workers is high. Nurses and Doctors are working around the clock and feeling overwhelmed by the pressure. This program can help them cope with the anxieties and dilemmas all of us are currently facing.” The Company is offering 7,600 free online therapy sessions and unlimited access to a virtual assistant that provides supplemental support for mental health.

Around the world, the Johnson & Johnson Medical Device Companies and the Johnson & Johnson Institute aim to support HCPs so that they can continue to provide care for patients.

“We are proud that we were able to pivot quickly to meet HCPs where they are and connect them to important resources during the pandemic,” said Sandra Humbles, Vice President, Global Education Solutions, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices. “We will never stop and will also continue to adapt and expand our training and education efforts virtually to help HCPs perform their work in the most safe and effective way possible.”

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